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Driving Licence

There are several types of driving licences that you can obtain in India. These include:

• A general driving licence.
• A licence for a motorcycle with gear.
• A licence for a motorcycle without gear.
• A licence for transport and commercial vehicles.

Determining your driving licence eligibility can be confusing, as each licence type comes with its own set of requirements. For instance, applicants who require a licence for motorcycles without gear must be at least 16 years of age and have parental or guardian consent, if applying as a minor. Meanwhile, a licence for operating motorcycles with gear has a higher age requirement.

In addition to age, there are also learning licence eligibility requirements. This means that those seeking permanent licences must hold a learner’s licence for a certain period of time before applying for the next level. They must also meet the examination eligibility requirements. Furthermore, some licences have educational requirements that must be met by applicants.

Our comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide details all eligibility requirements for every type of licence. It also features a checklist of the documents you will need to obtain a licence and the steps you must follow.

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